About Us

(Photo Cred goes to Stephanie Smith with Get Kara'd Away, located in Council Bluffs, IA. Seriously go see her!!) 

My name is Keshia, I am the owner and designer over at Kenzie Mae's Closet. I am married to my high-school sweetheart, Tyler and together we have 5 energetic kids; Izaiah, Kamrin, Kenzie Mae, Maximus & Benjamin.

I started sewing when I found out I was expecting twins and one was a girl! I wanted frilly dresses and everything girly. Looking back at my projects I laugh now because I would make Kamrin model the dresses I would give my nieces but I thought I would just become magical over night which was not the case. Kenzie hated EVERYTHING I put on her that I made so I put it off for a little while longer but just kept being drawn back to making her clothes. As she grew I noticed that she was getting longer but not gaining weight any where else. She was just petite so nothing fit her right. She was in 6 months clothing probably until she was 1.5 years old ( her waist could probably still fit in them). I told myself I'll try one more time for something she may love and when it fit and she didn't cry I finally realized I may be onto something but it wasn't until she was wearing something and Dad asked when she got new outfits that it hit me maybe I am good.

I went back and forth before actually deciding to sew as a business. I started with the name " Cross My Stitch" as it wasn't tied down to any particular theme or item. I wasn't in love with the name but still tried to find my place in the sewing world so kept the name. I kept thinking of different names but this adventure started because of Kenzie Mae and she is the main model for my products. I started messing around with designs and fell in love with a simple design for a little curly hair girl standing next to a door which became a closet and in the end became Kenzie Mae's Closet!